Asset finance

Property is not the only major purchase you will make in life. Chances are you will need to buy other significant assets in the form of vehicles or equipment for personal or business use.

  • Private cars, caravans, boats and other recreational vehicles.
  • Commercial vehicles like vans, trucks, utes, trailers and fleet.
  • Machinery including excavators, bobcats and mowers.
  • Specialist equipment for your factory or home-based business.

A professional Mortage2Wealth finance broker is on hand to talk you through next steps and help you clinch the optimum loan package.

We can help you navigate the full range of personal and commercial leasing options – including chattel mortgages and novated leases – to maximise your tax benefits and minimise your costs.

Customised repayments, flexible loan terms and ongoing customer service support combine to give you peace of mind as well as great value for money. Our team also uses smart data analytics tools to enhance your application and secure a better deal.